Eponymous label fusing Middle East and West to showcase a modest take on contemporary fashion. 




Midnight Madness

Discover our latest take on sartorial luxury in the ever-striking Midnight Madness collection. Fall into an abyss of refined craftsmanship and sophisticated style with patterns and textures inspired by the midnight hour. We present these capsule pieces as a tonal resurgence on the oh-so-loved Lost Fortress line, and invite you to explore statement apparel in deeper hues we know you’ll love.

It’s how Yasmin Jay is paying homage to her heritage, her beloved Lebanon. We know it’s a little dark there right now, but the Lebanese people will always shine through. This is a tribute to you, we hope it gets brighter soon.

Moved by dreamy darkness and majestic musings, you’ll be strutting in sovereign style this season, referencing the true Yasmin Jay DNA.